Hoggy (snowking) wrote in fanboys,


Greetings. Today is important. Heroes is back on the telly. Also, it's St George's Day where all Englishmen dress up in full plate armour and slay dragons and Irish alike. Other than that, it is also IPATTCOMIAC Day which is short for International Pay Attention To The Crazy Old Man In A Cabin Day. This day encourages us to give away a "professional quality work" on the intertubes. Here at Fanboys Towers we have spent a long time cogitating on what best qualifies a work as professional quality and feel we have finally hit an infallible benchmark. We hope you enjoy.

Stick it to The Man In A Cabin, brothers and sisters!
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There is nothing I do not love about this post.

Carry on, Mr H.
I can't believe you didn't do Calvin & Hobbes!
And our costume woes for this year's Hoggtoberfest are solved!
I'm very, very scared now...
YOU ARE A GENIUS. That is all.

You are a man of real vision.
These strips are a thing of rare and dangerous beauty.
Calvtim and Hobbes FTW!