pikelet (pikelet) wrote in fanboys,

It's The Wrong Trousers!

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Niall, your crotch wants to dance the salsa.
Hence the distress!
Wow. That's good typing for a man whose nether regions are trying to boogie off down the road.

And they also want to screw you, apparently. That's be tricky.
I think you're enjoying this too much.
Why, yes. Yes I am.

Just wait until your coat gets a life of its own.
Please don't give him ideas. :-p
Screw him or screw Tim, hmm? I read it as the latter...
Ambiguous slash is the best.
An aficionado speaks!
This is not related to anything you have written I am just curious about your name. Sorry that is so off subject.

My name is Niall Robb

I was named after the Irish Monarch- king Niall of the nine hostages and I pronounce it Ne-al like heal feel deal real and so forth

Are you named after the same character? Do you pronounce it the same way?