Hoggy (snowking) wrote in fanboys,

She didn't want to be in it....

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Hee! One of these days me and him must find the urge to watch it, having downloaded but not watched any since 5x12. Which was okay, but we got out the habit.

*hands liz a show stabbing spork*
It's just not what it was, though. *sniffle*.
Ooh, spork!

Do I have to confine myself to stabbing only shows with it? :D
Oh, just for you... go wild! Spork away my dear :-)
There is to be no sporking of me.
WAsn't you I was planning to spork... *stabstabstabstab*
Good to see you're working it out healthily...

Note to self: Buy another bar of Lindt.
Shouldn't you only spork when sporken to?
Knife pun.
Forks :)