Hoggy (snowking) wrote in fanboys,

Disperse and infect all known fandoms

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Tell me that's the porn soundtrack and not some bizarre comment about Niall's fangirl sub/dom issues.
Ding to the first one. But also a pun or play on words.
Oh. Ha.
Rarely has the name 'Leggy' seemed more appropriate :-)
At this point, I think any resemblance with any known persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. :-p
Sorry, I though that was obvious from the get go :)
Umm... the Elf costume ends higher up than the crotch on normal!Fanboys!Niall's trousers do. I feel like I'm looking "in". And I Can't Look Away.
What? Niall's crotch remains stationary[1]. The elf tunic thing just drops down lower.

[1]FACT. Top dolphin scientists have discovered the rest of the world merely moves around it.
Fanboys!Niall dressed in green amuses me far far too much.
I have dressed in green in real life too, you know. Admittedly, not green trousers, but...
To be fair, it's the whole ensemble (plus bow) that really makes it.